Thursday, October 31, 2013

Browser Redirect Virus Fix! Search Conduit, DefaultTab, MyWay Web Search, Etc.

The majority of computers coming in with virus infections all have the browser hi-jacks, and other browser related malware infections. A browser hijacker is something installs onto a computer system and attaches to an internet browser in order to change internet browser settings; such as the home page and default search engine. This causes the now infected internet browsers to start up using their search bar or their search engine OR even just redirect you to where they want you to go. This type of infection can generate browser pop-up’s while you’re surfing the internet, slow the computer's overall performance as well as lead to further and more severe virus and infection issues!

As with a vast MAJORITY of BHO's (browser helper objects such as tool bars) most use unethical practices and are utilized by ethical and unethical third-parties, including cyber criminals and scam artists, in an effort to generate revenue through sites tied they are working for/partnered with as well as other third-party domains and advertising based search services.

Products and software associated with the browser redirection infections:
  • Activeris AntiMalware
  • Ado System Protect
  • AnyProtect
  • Any Send
  • AssetsManager
  • Babylon Toolbar
  • BFlix Toolbar and TheBFlix
  • BlockandSurf
  • Boost Shopping
  • Browser Guard
  • Browser Protector
  • BrowserRedirector
  • Bubble Sound
  • Chromium (Dregal)
  • CinemaPlus vX.X
  • Conduit
  • Consumer Input Firefox Extension
  • Coupoon (two 'oo')
  • CrossBrowse
  • DefaultTab
  • Delta Toolbar
  • Dregal (Chromium)
  • Driver Pro
  • Driver Restore
  • Driver Updater (No Publisher/Specifics)
  • File Type Assistant
  • FLV Runner Toolbar
  • Free Ride Games Player
  • Games Desktop vX.X
  • GeniusBox
  • HashBrat
  • IdleCrawler
  • IE Web Protect
  • IE Web Protect Plus
  • Linkey
  • Linksicle
  • MapsGalaxy Toolbar (and other random/various related 'MapGalaxy' products)
  • MediaPlayerEnhance
  • MixiDJ  
  • Mobogenie
  • MyPC Backup
  • MyWayWeb Search Toolbar
  • NewPlayer
  • Optimizer Pro vx.x
  • OneSoftPerDay
  • Pasta Leads
  • PC Fix Speed vx.x.x
  • Plus-HD-x.x
  • PC Optimizer Pro
  • PC Pro Cleaner
  • Powerful Browse
  • QuickRef
  • Remote Desktop Access (No Publisher/Specifics)
  • Search Conduit
  • Search Protect
  • Search Results LLC
  • Shop To win
  • Shopper Pro
  • Shoperz
  • SmartWeb
  • Software Updater (No Publisher/Specifics)
  • Software Version Updater (No Publisher/Specifics)
  • Special Savings
  • Unico Browser
  • Wajam
  • Web Companion
  • WebProtector
  • Web Protect for Windows
  • WiseCare 365
  • Yontoo
  • Yontoo Layers
  • YTDownloader

Removal Process:
1st Step
Uninstall all programs listed (and any others "odd" programs that have a similar install date) through "Programs and Features" aka "Add/Remove Programs" found through your computer's control panel.

2nd Step
Download and install MalwareByte’s Antimalware and Spybot Search and Destroy (1.6.2) to use in conjunction with your antivirus to run full virus scans on your computer! Remove (or at lease quarantine) anything that the programs identify!
*If you don't have a current anti-virus we recommend one of the following AntiVirus titles; Microsoft Security EssentialsAvast! Antivirus or Bitdefender Free.

3rd Step
In all of your web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) you want to examine all installed add-on's and extensions. Remove anything that is related to the software programs listed above. Additionally you can use ADWCleaner and JRT to get even further "under the hood" to make sure all of your web browsers are clean from Adware and Browser Hi-Jack software.

4th Step (EXTRA)
Download and run TDSKiller from Kaspersky Labs to check your systems for any types of rootkit infections.

For direct download links to the software listed above, visit "Pacific NorthWest Computers' Links and Recommended Software" page on our Blog Link below!

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