Sunday, December 6, 2009

BCC Your Emails!

I have started using the BCC feature of my email religiously to prevent emailing other people’s email addresses when forwarding or distributing “mass address” emails. If  you ever get an email with that classic LIST, or lists, of various email addresses then PLEASE pull those emails outta there! I have recently blogged about the dangers of Spam, forwarded and chain emails. (Please check back through our archive to find that important read.)

As a quick refresher; Don’t trust ANYTHING you get in as an email if its not from somebody I know or is a chain/forwarded email! No matter the subject or topic of that  email! Social engineering is used where ever and when ever it can be applied to whom ever can apply it towards; through ANY medium!
Better be safe than sorry so if something does happen to REALLY catch your attention, just Google it and see what comes up! 


If we all could start using BCC (blind carbon copy), we can send what ever you wanted to whom ever  you wanted, and have it will look like it was specifically sent to that person! No sending of others emails addresses again!
Complete anonymity!
Hope that helps some people out!!

Jon Pienkowski – Owner
Pacific NorthWest Computers

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