Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twitter Got Hacked... Again !

"I just learned that Twitter has contacted the FBI so i decided to delete all my posts."

What does it take for a company to realize,

"We need to invest into the security of our website!"

Here is a brief list of the security incidents I have read about Twitter since the dawn of the new year...
(In the best chronological order I could put them in!)

January '09:

Monday Morning Madness @Twitter
Phishing Scam Bursts Twitter's 'Trust' Bubble
Hackers Hi-Jack's Obama's, Britney's Twitter Accounts
Twitter Hack: How it happened and what's being done
Weak Password Brings ‘Happiness’ to Twitter Hacker

April '09:
Twitter Worm Targets Celebrities
Wow - my Yahoo mail account was just hacked
This week, unauthorized access to Twitter was gained by an outside party...

May '09:

Hacker: I Broke Into Twitter

July '09:

The Month of Twitter Bugs

The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack
Twitter: A Growing Security Minefield

August '09:
Why Attack Twitter!?
Hackers attack Twitter, Facebook also slows down
Twitter meltdown raises questions about the site(s) stability

Twitter Attack Looks Politically Motivated
Twitter and Facebook DDoS attack 'targeted one person'
Twitter still recovering from DDoS attack

Twitter definitely needs to get their act together! Especially with a month of investigative exploitations down, now a DDoS attack; what's next!?!?

Even if they finally "Batten Down the Hatches", safe online user account security practices are always a must when you any online or user based website; especially social networking web sites!
You always want to secure your account to the gills and try to avoid using "web apps" and similar Java & Flash applications.
(like Quizzes, User2User Games, etc.)

With our world's growing dependency on computers, we also need to be growing the security and safeguarding of the personal information that the world stores on these systems.
Best Practice Guide to Safe Social Networking

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